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Behind Closed Doors  Few students realize that behind the cafeteria doors at the RROC is the kitchen that cooks for the entire east-side of the Round Rock Independent School District. The east-side of the RRISD encompasses seventeen schools, including the Round Rock Opportunity Center. This means that roughly 42,000 people are served a day. The kitchen opens at 5:00 AM and is occupied by eleven employees, three delivery drivers and one supervisor. “Everything’s cooked from scratch,” Production Supervisor Charmaine Martin said, “Then it’s frozen and stocked until served.” The menu is planned several months ahead. In addition, meals are produced two weeks in advance. Each day, the delivery drivers make two runs to the seventeen schools in the district, with a cargo of pre-cooked, frozen meals. Production Manager Carmaine Martin oversees the kitchen operations that provide 42,000 meals , each day, to RRISD students While the employees cook, there are two people who orchestrate the entire kitchen operation; Production Manager Charmaine Martin and Food Manager Auria Rosa. On her average day, Food Manager Auria Rosa will “prepare everything, cook, close files, make deposits, pull up work for the next day, and attend meetings.” It’s hard-working employees like Charmaine Martin and Auria Rosa that make sure students get fed every day. The kitchen facilities at the RROC ship out 42,000 meals every school day to local schools in the district RROC Like an Egyptian! The latest addition to the Round Rock Opportunity Center staff is a two story tall ambassador from ancient Egypt.The mother of all mummies, this fellow was created in Mr. Murphy’s art class; in sections; and then assembled in the RROC library. Unlike his smaller, millenia-old cousins, the RROC mummy isn’t wrapped in gauze– he’s made out of papier mache’. Shown below is a body part during construction phase. Our mummy is different in another way, too. He’s all about reading and his favorite selections are there at his feet.